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Composer for Film, Tv & Video Games

Composer based in Istanbul & Valencia.

Started playing guitar at 13 and Cello at 17. Formed his own private studio and worked as a producer and composer for TV ads in 2003. Studied Music Theory, Harmony and Ear Training with Guc Basar Gulle. Got his degree in Audio Engineering & Production in 2011. Studied Production , Mixing and Programming with Ilter KalkanciDoruk Somunkiran, Pablo Schuller and Vanessa Garde. Got his Graduate Degree as 'Master of Music' in Scoring for Film,Tv and Video Games program at Berklee College of Music, Valencia Campus in 2013. Studied Narrative Analysis and Orchestration with Lucio Godoy and Alfons Conde. Conducting with Constantino Martinez Orts and Game Music Theory and Applicatons with Ben Houge. Also had the opportunity to work with Alberto Iglesias, Dario Marianelli and Placido Domingo during his studies in Spain.


His Works has been played in several countries including United Kingdom, Hungary, Spain and Greece. 


Is a "Certified Advanced Music Productor" with Cubase and Pro Tools


Influences: Clint Mansell , J.S.Bach , Bernard Hermann , Dire Straits , Faith No More , Hans Zimmer , Ramin Djawadi , L.W. Beethoven , Richard Wagner , Rush , Eric Satie , Thomas Newman , Alexsandre Desplat , John Williams , Philip Glass , Antonin Dvorâk

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